• Private tuition at home

Success and Costs

Parents' satisfaction with ABACUS private tuition

99% of the students working together with the ABACUS-institution succeed in improving or stabilising their school grades.

91,2% ameliorate their school grades.

73,9% improve by one level.

15,9% improve by two levels.

1,4% improve by three or more levels.


Why choosing ABACUS? Because...


ABACUS-students achieve their aims after an average time of 5-6 months and therefore conclude the private tuition. By comparing private tuition offers, please pay attention to the fact that the whole ABACUS-tuition period is generally less expensive than a long-term contract of another private-tuition agency. What is even more is that your child can achieve better results in a shorter amount of time.

Our prices might differ from region to region

Please contact your ABACUS-institution to find out how much a private-lesson (90 minutes) costs.

The ABACUS-Concept

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