• Private tuition at home

Finding the ABACUS-institution near you

Private tuition
one student – one tutor

Private tuition at home
familiar environment, time saving and regular contact with the tutor

Individual tuition
detailed consultation at your home, tuition tailored to your child, adjustments according to learning progress, suitable appointments, helpful institute staff

Qualified tutors
experienced and personally known, friendly and success-oriented

The ABACUS-concept

Kinder in der Schule
Lehrender und Schülerin
Lachendes Kind
Kinder beim Fussballspielen
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  • Every child is different

    For this reason, the ABACUS-private tuition is adjusted to the individual needs of your child.

  • Good chemistry is essential

    The selection of the teacher is the key for the individual success of your child.

  • Your child stands in the center of interest

    Our private lessons comply with the individual needs of your child from the beginning.

  • Teaching and coaching is not everything

    The private lessons should contain time for leisure.

  • We are one team

    The regular exchange between teacher and parents leads to the acting in concert of everybody involved.


Successful private-tuition and coaching

Success and costs


This video shows the process of an ABACUS private lesson. In case you have any questions, insert your postal code and call us immediately…

Watch this video on Youtube.

Our overall concept is to understand every single student in his or her individual situation to offer the optimal educational as well as personal support.

Andrea Lauerer
Managing Director ABACUS Zentrale Schweiz GmbH

ABACUS private tuition at home

The use of private tuition is a well-known practice. Since Wilhelm von Humboldt introduced regular school tuition in the 18th century, private lessons are used to promote students individually. Back then, private lessons were realised by private teachers who taught especially the subjects Latin, Old-Greek, Mathematics and Natural sciences. Today the educational offer is more widespread and therefore covers every school subject such as Mathematics, Physics, German, English, Latin or French. Furthermore, there are typical subjects such as Geography, Biology or History which are recessed regularly in the form of private tuition.

The target of private tuition is to improve or stabilise the grade of the individual student. The individuality of every student’s situation is the main approach of the ABACUS-institution and its tuition. Since 1993, our students experience our educational offer in the form of private lessons fully comfortable at home. Due to this familiar environment, the teacher is able to understand and solve the individual educational problems at its best. Private tuition is not thought to be a permanent process – It is a temporary individual promotion for single students to improve their educational situation and therefore to ameliorate their grades in school.

Choosing such an educational offer always means to respect the child’s special needs and to adapt oneself to the individual strengths and weaknesses of every single child. Taking private lessons in school makes sense if they are adapted to the individual weaknesses of the student and therefore to difficulties in one specific subject. Taking private lessons in the form of a private teacher at home creates a tuition which is more flexible and individual than the educational assistance in school. Based on personal encounters with the ABACUS-teachers, the ABACUS-Institution selects qualified assistants who work together with the individual student to close the gaps which prevent the student from more success in school. When several students in the same school class come up with similar difficulties, private lessons in the form of group tuition are a good way to correct the student’s difficulties. In different cases, single tuition will show efficient results. The ABACUS-tuition, which is realised only in the form of single, private tuition at home, is characterised by a great flexibility, intensive private tuition and positive results which can be recognised immediately.

The rapid success relates to multiple positive aspects: Improved school grades lead to more fun in school. Learning at home is again perceived as important and is therefore not downgraded to be senseless. The family peace is restored because the difficult topic “school and grades” is resolved.

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