• Private tuition at home
History of ABACUS


ABACUS-private tuition was founded towards the end of the year 1992 in Fürstenfeldbruck. The local Press reported elaborately on this foundation in January 1993. The positive resonance concerning the concept of “private tuition at home” confirmed the idea behind our institution. The first student signed the ABACUS-contract in January 1993. Until the end of the school term back in 1993, the number of supervised students was already in the three-digit range.

In the beginning of the year 2006, ABACUS-private tuition founded the first institution in Bern - Switzerland,. From the beginning, it was important for us to adjust our educational offer to the individual needs of our students. In the retrospective it became clear, that exactly this conscious listening and responding to the individual strengths and weaknesses of every student built the basis for the growth and the popularity of ABACUS. During the past 25 years, the educational system of ABACUS has established. In more than 80 ABACUS-institutions, 30.000 students, widely spread over Europe are being supervised by our teachers – always with one identic concept: “private tuition at home”.

The ABACUS-institution leaders stand out due to their particular achievements which are respected by external institutions as well. ABACUS-private tuition has been priced with four awards. Illustrating this fact, the well-known market research institution INFRATEST priced our concept of private tuition at home already twice (2007 and 2012) with a grade of 1,8 according to a national wide interrogation of parents. Our concept, which focuses on individual students, is even respected abroad. INFRATEST is a registered brand of the Kantar-group. Kantar public organised the interrogation in 2018. In September 2016, TNS INFRATEST social research was renamed to Kantar public.

What makes us particularly happy: Meanwhile, more than one third of our students join ABACUS due to recommendation. Our intensive private tuition is successful. The durance of successful tuition is being reduced because achievements can be recognised rapidly. Thus, parents can save money and the single student gets rapidly connected. This concept speaks for itself and therefore became popular during the past years.

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