• Private tuition at home

ABACUS-tuition process: how does it continue?

Step 1:

Qualified contact
Get in touch with the ABACUS-institution for private lessons near you and arrange a meeting for the personal consulting.

Step 2:

Personal consulting and analysis
The personal consulting will take place shortly after an appointment was being arranged at your home. This offer is of course free of charge. Side by side with you and your child we will analyse the student’s educational situation in detail with the final aim to create a personal and individual approach to solve these problems. If you and your child accept this approach and therefore signalise cooperativeness concerning the teamwork, the foundation for successful private tuition is accomplished. In the next step, the ABACUS-institution chooses a private teacher who fits right in the profile of your child – personally as well as professionally. This is the central component of a successful private tuition: The professional competence of the ABACUS-teacher combined with experience and personal empathy. We pay attention that “the chemistry” between student and teacher accord with each other.


Step 3:

Get started as soon as possible
We know that you want to get started as soon as possible. Due to this reason, we will try that the first lesson takes place only a few days after the personal consulting.


This video shows the process of an ABACUS private lesson. In case you have any questions, insert your postal code and call us immediately…

Watch this video on Youtube.

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