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Your child is attending grammar school and needs tutoring for a particular subject? ABACUS private tuition at home offers support in all relevant subjects. Fast, competent and uncomplicated. The concept of ABACUS is based on individual tutoring at home.

Challenge grammar school

Education at grammar school leads to the Matura and prepares students for further education at a university. The educational goals are to teach the students basic knowledge and skills with a view towards life-long learning and to achieve the readiness to study at university. Basic subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, German, French und English are part of the core curriculum. A student’s transition from primary school to grammar school can be complicated by the social, emotional and physiological changes that can negatively impact on their learning. Secondary schools are places of change. This causes additional strains on the child who is also trying to cope with his underlying difficulties and now has more problems layered on top. Once gaps in individual subjects have emerged, the suffering becomes even greater. Our teachers understand how these changes impact on the students and give individual care to them.

When is private tuition really necessary?

Many children are already preparing for the transition to grammar school with ABACUS. Some of them adapt well during transition, but can be falling behind for several reasons: new surroundings, new teachers and peers, a teacher being absent, new ways of working, illness. The teacher at school will carry on with the programme while the student is left feeling the gap in their knowledge widen. Private tutorials give the student a new opportunity to take back control. One of the biggest advantages of a private tutor is that lessons can easily be customized to suit each student. Learners will benefit from the fact that a tutor can adjust the pace, focus, and goals of a lesson depending on the needs and abilities of the student: learning efficiency will be maximized. In fact, private tutorials are an investment for the future.

Guidelines for the private tuition at home for grammar school pupils

ABACUS is specialized for private tuition at home. Before the private tuition will start, a preliminary, obligation-free consultation will be arranged with you and your child at your home. We analyse the situation closely and choose the best tutor for your particular subject. This is crucial because only an excellent instructor can understand the student’s needs and offer proper guidance. If a student is weak in any particular subject, then he needs special attention from the teacher to improve performance. This is not often, if at all, possible in school. With home tuition, a student can get distinctive attention from the tutor and devote more time to that subject. A home tutor is not just for giving tuition on subjects, though. He can also be a mentor to the student, guiding in developing time management and better study skills. This improves the student’s overall performance. A great advantage of home tutoring is the convenience for the student. Education comes at your door, there is no need to spend valuable time going to coaching centres.

Should you wish to have any further information or a not binding consultation, please feel free to contact us at ABACUS.

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