• Private tuition at home

Higher Vocational Education and Training

Especially at the demanding level of higher vocational education and training, we can support the students in the best possible way with individual education. The preliminary interview evaluates all the details for the best coaching and lays the cornerstones for a successful school career.

Further higher vocational training enables professionals with a Certificate of Competence or an equivalent degree to even greater expertise. Furthermore, qualifications in the field of corporate management can be obtained.

Federal Vocational Examination

A federal vocational examination enables professionals to first specialize after a basic vocational training. It is concluded with a Swiss Federal Diploma. This usually is a condition for admission to an Advanced Federal Diploma Examination.

Advanced Federal Diploma Examination

An Advanced Federal Diploma Examination qualifies professionals as experts in their line of business or for management positions in companies. It is completed with a Federal Diploma.

Professional college degree programs

Courses in higher schools are aimed at professionals with a Certificate of Competence or equivalent qualifications and promote competences in the field of specialist and leadership responsibility. The courses are more general and broader than the federal examinations. They are completed with a federally recognized diploma.

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