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Private tuition in German

One of the main problems that occurs in the learning process of languages is, that students read too little. Reading improves any area of languages skills (vocabulary, expressing oneself, content, formulation, orthography, grammar etc.). To improve the basic skills in the subject German, our private tutors focus especially on reading skills – and this does not include instructions of video games. Basic competences in the subject German (orthography and reading skills) can be developed optimally by individual training in the form of private lessons.

If your child suffers from dyslexia, our tutors gladly work together with the parents and possible therapists. Thus, the ABACUS-teacher gets to know which content he should convey and which not. Conversely, the therapist will be informed concerning the development of the student’s educational progress.

Further topics in German could be: writing abstracts, text-analysis, interpretations of poems, etc.

In some cases, difficulties in German come along with difficulties in a foreign language. Here, ABACUS offers a private tuition in both subjects, taught by the same private teacher. Thus, the foci of the private tuition can be adjusted to the requirements in school.

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