• Private tuition at home

Private tuition in Mathematics

With 46,7%, Mathematics is the most requested subject concerning private tuition.


The reason for this number of requests is, that new topics and methods are very often based on previous knowledge. A student whose knowledge is filled with gaps of previous topics will always have difficulties to expand his or her knowledge. Therefore, individually adapted private lessons can help to avoid this negative development. Illustrating this point, practice has shown that many maturants have problems with the calculation of fractions. Consequently, this problem had a very negative impact on their graduation exam. This is why the metaphor of a stair is well-fitting to describe the learning process of Mathematics: Whoever wants to climb a stair to the top level without any difficulties needs solid steps. If a step is missing or does not work properly, the entire staircase could crush.

In the matter of private tuition, this means that the ABACUS-teacher firstly must have a look at the most current topics. If any gaps are recognised, the teacher tries to close them step by step. This procedure works especially well if the private tuition takes place at home.

A suggestion for students: exercise, exercise and again exercise. This helps even If the student didn’t understand the background of the Mathematic topic currently learned in school. If the student understands the major mechanisms, he or she maybe cannot understand the why, but the how. Due to this knowledge, a student can improve from an unsatisfying grade to the safer midfield of the scale.

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